2MB Consulting Services provides various Human Resource Management services to organizations/clients. These include, but are not limited to:

HR Advisory Services
We provide advises on the structure and guidance to management teams on human resource management issues such as restructuring and instituting performance management programmes. In some cases we assist organizations to set up their Human Resource management units or departments.

HR Audits

Undertaking review of existing Human Resource Functions within organizations and advising on how those units can be positioned to add more value to the process consulting to facilitate organizational development

Preparation of Human Resource Manuals and Handbooks
We assist institutions in developing Human Resources policies and manuals based on discussions with management.

Recruitment and Selection
Sourcing talent is a forte of 2MB. We offer support in recruitment and selection of top notch candidates

Performance Management

We specialize in assisting organizations to establish performance management system within their organizations. This includes the design of appraisal forms and training Line Managers. Supervisors and staff to ensure that a system is embedded in the organization.

Employee Engagement and Communication Programmes

2MB Consulting Services can work with your company to improve employee engagement through creative communication and other methods/strategies

Job Evaluations and conducting Salary Surveys
We can assist with the evaluation of jobs in your organization and train senior Managers to do same.We also conduct salary surveys and help organizations to establish competitive salaries structures.

Sessions with Senior Executives on People Management issues

We organize sessions for top Management on the use of coaching and mentoring for developing leaders in your organization. We facilitate the development of a People strategy that is aligned to your business.


The firm is manned by a competent team of seasoned Human Resource Management professionals who have several years of experience in General Management, Human Resource Management practice and Consulting

Training and Leadership Development

We collaborate with our clients to provide a complete service in the area of training and leadership development. We have special programmes that are tailored to the needs of newly appointed Managers. We also have a number of programmes which we can deliver in-house on demand. These include:

    • Coaching (1 day)
    • Mentoring (1 day)
    • Delegation (1 day)
    • Customer Service and Care (1 day)
    • Developing Organizational Values (1 day)
    • Negotiation Skills (1 day)
    • Performance Management (2 days)
    • Communication skills for managing Performance and Development (1 day)
    • Reward and Recognition (1 day)
    • Stress Management (1 day)
    • Supervisory Management (2 days)
    • Team building (1 day)